leaving the rp im being tormented

ed westwick will be the death of me


watching hairspray and im constantly thinking of monroe

i wanna rp but friends house i sigh


im deciding on my characters for after graduation is this bad

im fine now thanks bb, i just dont feel right if you know what i mean♡♡

couldnt go into work bc i feel so weird and shaken after last night so you guys have me until like 3-4 is anyone hereee

@millah: bangkok w/ @flikflack ♥♥♥

i have no idea where miller is the world right now

ootd (travelling)


Call → Miller

D: Then beg for forgiveness? Well I don't know, maybe you just were taking out your anger on him and weren't just thinking. Oh man, that sounds pretty bad. I mean at least you feel sorry, y'know? Like if you didn't feel sorry at all you'd just be a dick. Change it to I'mreallysorry Ezra. I think it'll get the point across.
M: I'm a man, men don't beg. I was, but it doesn't really excuse anything I said, does it? Yeah, yeah. I'mreallysorryEzra Hepworth, I think it'd be quite effective.

Call → Miller

D: Well exactly. I mean it wasn't like I made out with Simon to spite Joe. I just did it without thinking twice about it. It's kinda the same thing if you think about it. Apologize, dude. Just be chillax about it, all oh hey by the way sorry I dissed your girlfriend. Em seemed pretty cool too when I talked to her. She's funny as hell. Isn't she like best friends with Char?
M: Yeah, exactly. I think I left it a little late to be chill about it, rehearsals are already awkward as hell. Her and Char are best friends, yeah. I mean, I didn't even directly diss /her/. I just said something about her and Leo, which I shouldn't have done because if anyone knows how the guy feels it's me after Charlotte cheated on me. Maybe I should just change my name.